Cork wall covering

Cork is an unique way of covering and decorating your walls. This type of wallcovering is increasing quickly in popularity. This is probably the result of it being very practical and of course amazing looking! For example, cork walls can be used as pin-up board. On this page are a few images that show examples of using cork as wallcovering. As you can see, the possibilities are very wide. Cork has a natural and cool look but also fits perfectly in a rustic room. The last factor makes it very popular at offices as well. Take a look at the pictures down below and you will understand what we mean!

Cork wallcovering is an 100% natural alternative of paint or wallpapers. Cork is really useful because it is way more sound proofing than regular wallpapers! This is besides of the amazing look and practical side of using it as pin-up board, a big reason for people to use it at the office. 


Prachtige kurkwand gemaakt met behang van kurk  uploads/afbeeldingen/image-2017-09-15%20(2).jpg  een zelfplakkend prikbord van kurk


Cork wallpapers are sold as rolls but also as cork tiles. The rolls can be delivered with four different thicknesses. 2, 4, 6 and 8 millimetres. Thicker cork wallcoverings mean less sounds coming through and its stronger when used intensively.

The tiles are 3 millimetres thick. One pack of tiles consists of 11 individual tiles. This is 2 squared metres in total and is available in 4 different colours. Al the cork wallcoverings are usually in stock at Noordwand.