About Noordwand

Noordwand is a Dutch importer, exporter and distributor of Wallpapers and wall decorations worldwide. The collections from Noordwand are well-known in the Netherlands and Belgium but also available and sold in the rest of the world. The wallpapers from Noordwand are known for their high quality and amazing looks. It feels like our mission to deliver the best wallpapers to make everyone their homes unique and beautiful! Noordwand wallpapers can be found at retailers everywhere in the Netherland and Belgium but are also sold worldwide.

Noordwand started their business back in 1988 in the village called Zuidlaren. At first, the company focused on the market in the northern parts of the Netherlands. This changed quickly and after a few years Noordwand started to grow towards the rest of the country and into Belgium and since 2010 Noordwand became a big party in the Dutch and Belgium market of wallpapers. After this was accomplished, export to other countries began. Nowadays Noordwand ships their wallpapers to countries all over the world! The company has relocated and is now placed in Tynaarlo, the Netherlands. 

The collections offered by Noordwand are developed and produced in cooperation with different producers worldwide. For example, wallpapers by Noordwand are made in Germany, Italy, England, the United States of America, the Netherlands and more. Because of the many different suppliers, the collections by Noordwand have a great variety. There is a lot to choose from for every costumer. Wallpapers for every household, every room and also in every price range.

To make it easy for customers and partners to browse through our collections, a new website has been made and launched. With this website it is possible to learn more about our collections and contact us! 

Do you seek any more information about our company? You can just ask us by using the contact page. Or by clicking here!